Spring Clean – Other movies I’ve watched this year

I watch significantly more TV than I do Film. I think I find a 2-hour movie too much commitment. Oh, but a 5-hour TV series binge? Yeah, no sweat.

Sorry to Bother You
This was a weird one. It starts almost immediately with an uncanny valley feeling when the lead character starts a new job in telesales. Then the white guy accent comes out, and the weirdness steps up a level. Then again. Then again. Then, just when you thought you reached peak weird, it gets insane. It was good though – watch it!

One of the more innocently normal stills from this movie.

Watch out for that toilet later.

This needs no encouragement from me. A deserved Oscar-winner and a great introduction to Korean cinema. It does get a bit weird towards the end – but hey, that’s just how they are.

Uncut Gems (half of it)
Yeah, no. I don’t doubt that this was a stand out performance from Adam Sandler, but I just found it way too stressful to watch. Everything kept going wrong in a way that just made me really anxious. I had to stop half way through.

Who knew facial hair was all it took for Adam Sandler to have depth as an actor?

I mean, it’s Keanu Reeves.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
It’s a John Wick movie. The plot is not really important (and it’s not really that good, either). But the action scenes are phenomenal, and Keane Reeves is a god. That is all.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story
I didn’t really feel this one, to be honest. It was really slow, really emotional, and I don’t really remember what actually happened. I was disappointed. There is, however, one incredibly satisfying shooting scene. Breaking Bad fans will watch this regardless.

Jesse is a wanted man in this lengthy snooze-fest.