About the binge

So much to watch, so little time…

If only there was someone with the spare time to watch quite a lot of Netflix, and then write about 500 words on whether he thinks it’s any good or not.

Oh, you’re already here.

This blog started when I reviewed my Netflix watch history and promptly began to worry I was spending far too much time watching stuff. So, then, a new rule was born: you can watch stuff, but only if you also write about it.

The setup

I am fortunate to be able to view the content I review on the following amateur home cinema system:

  • LG OLED 55 B9 – a fantastic OLED television with exceptional contrast.
  • Sonos Beam – a clear, smart, sound bar.
  • Sonos One SL (x2) rear speakers – enabling 5.0 surround audio.
  • Sonos Sub subwoofer – I’m getting used to finding the right settings for this and trying not to upset the neighbours.

I like technology, so please feel free to ask questions about my experiences with these products.