Spring Clean – Other shows I’ve watched this year

Sometimes one simply loses the will to write a fully formed review. Before we sleepwalk into the second half of the year, here’s what else I’ve seen in 2020 so far.

BoJack Horseman (Season 6)
A cute and fitting end to the story. The show pioneered so much when it began back in 2014 – an interesting art style, human-animal-ish characters, and metaphors galore. It’s sad to see the show all finished, but clearly BoJack couldn’t keep running from his mistakes forever.

For those new to the show – it gets better after the first season.

The show continues to explore some really important topics.

Sex Education (Season 2)
Viewers, now fully exposed to the show’s main gimmick of having a shy teenage boy give sex and relationship advice to his schoolmates, will appreciate the continued plot and character development. I’m convinced they blew half of the show’s budget on the school musical in the final episode, which was really quite something. I did however find the Isaac-Otis-Maeve triangle quite frustrating, particularly at the end.

You (Season 2)
I don’t really need to explain to readers how good this show is, because I know you’ve already seen it. The second season , shot in a completely different location and with a largely fresh cast, was fantastically thrilling (although I didn’t care much for the trippy episode). Not to brag, or anything, but I saw the ‘twist’ coming a mile off. It was still satisfying when it happened.

Remember: people die in this show.

Cesar’s actor is… underwhelming.

On My Block (Season 2)
On My Block is a great little show to watch. It’s a comedy drama that doesn’t take itself too seriously whilst also shedding some light on the families caught up in gang warfare in Los Angeles. It’s best asset is its ensemble cast, each with their own striking personality. That said, I continued to be disappointed in Diego Tinoco’s performance as Cesar.

On My Block (Season 3)
This season came out immediately after I finished the previous one. I also thought it was pretty good, and was pleased to see the hilarious and surprisingly intelligent Jasmine get promoted to a main player in the group. However, the season finale was abrupt, confusing, and ultimately a little disappointing.

The gang are on a treasure hunt.