What I thought about: The Stranger

An epic drama that will have you asking more questions at the end of every episode. Some people I’ve spoken to were underwhelmed, but I was gripped from the beginning.

If only you knew what they were looking at

What’s it about?
A mysterious woman approaches a married man at his kid’s football match and tells him a huge, personal, secret – that his wife lied about a pregnancy. I can’t say much more about the plot than that without spoiling large parts of the show beyond the first episode. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated incident, the man’s eldest son is hiding a severed goat head in his bedroom. Yeah, bet you want to find out why, right?

What do I like about it?
This is a big money drama show. It was virtually guaranteed to impress me. There are twists and turns, shocking moments, sad moments, confusing moments, and ‘hurry up and load the next episode already’ moments.

The characters are mostly well portrayed and there are some very good cinematic shots. Again, I can’t really be specific as the plot is so tied up together that revealing one thing too early would ruin the otherwise gripping delivery.

What do I not like about it?
I think the pay off at the end, once everything is figured out, is a little weak. The journey is definitely better than the destination. The mystery, once you are rewarded with the little ‘aha’ moment, is not as deep as you might have first thought. And that’s a little disappointing.

Also, the main character has far too much spare time on his hands for me to sensibly believe he is a high-flying lawyer.

Worth a watch?
Go. Go now. What are you still doing reading this?

By the way…

  • This is the second show on Netflix written by Harlan Coben. The other is called Safe, which I have also watched. The style of these two shows is very similar, but Safe is not quite a good – probably because of the main character’s terrible British accent.