What I thought about: Love is Blind

Chances are, at least one person you know is talking about this one. Some people think it’s an absurd, potentially dangerous, premise. Others think it’s just another trashy American reality show. I think it’s both of the above – and more.

This is definitely CGI

What’s it about?
Is love truly blind? Are our emotional connections stronger than any physical ones? Love is Blind tries to answer these questions. 12 guys, 12 girls, living in what looks like an abandoned warehouse that has been decked out with McMansion furniture. Their sole objective is to go on a rotating series of dates with each other in these psychopathic pods where they can’t see each other – but can somehow hear each other clearly.

After having enough DMCs with each other, the men propose to the girl they developed the best emotional connection to, and the newly engaged couples are whisked away to a sort of pre-wedding honeymoon. Other stuff happens in the run up to the weddings, but I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll stop there.

What do I like about it?
The premise sucks you in. The emotional connection of the participants – and their eventual coming together – keeps you going. And then, about mid way, the drama explodes. But, wait, it turns out that wasn’t even the main explosion. The final episode is even more dramatic, as we find out if the couples say ‘I do’ and end up legitimately married.

I feel like the drama in this show is of a higher caliber than something like Real Housewives or The Bachelor. The build up is also more pleasing than the outrageous Married at First Sight.

Also, at least one of the couples are genuinely adorable.

What do I not like about it
The show pretends to be some kind of scientific experiment. Uh, no. For starters, everyone on the show is fairly evenly attractive. This isn’t MTV’s Catfished, and I get the feeling the participants were told that so that they would engage better with the process. And while there is some genuine human connection grown out of the show, the producers obviously have a few tricks to generate some drama.

Some parts of this show are just a bit weird. The participants hang out in a giant, windowless living room, and it’s never explained whether they stay there for the duration of the experiment or go home at the end of the day. The hosts, some married American presenting couple I’ve never heard of, appear about 3 times throughout the whole show. They may as well not have been there.

Worth a watch?
It’s not a must-watch. But if you like the sound of the premise and enjoy watching American reality TV with a healthy dose of drama, you should consider saying ‘I do’ to Love is Blind.

By the way…

  • There’s a reunion episode coming out in March on YouTube. Considering the show was filmed in 2018, this should be interesting.
  • The show was produced by the same people that make The Circle (the US version, at least). That’s probably where the weird decor and obsession with ‘pods’ comes from.