The 50th post on the binge

I started this little blog in the first week that the UK went into lockdown due to COVID-19. In the weeks before, I had purchased a new TV and was in the process of buying a sound system to go with it. Settling down to watch some Netflix one night, the following occurred to me:

  • I spent a lot on this TV so I ought to use it by watching Netflix.
  • I’m going to have even less of a social life during lockdown which probably means even more Netflix.
  • Is it healthy to watch this much Netflix?
  • Maybe I should only watch something if I’m prepared to write a review about it later, you know, for the practice?

So I did it. It used to be called 500w Thoughts after the word count that I strive to hit with each fully structured review, but almost everyone I sent the link to didn’t get it, and thought I was referring to Watts, the measure of power. It was time for a rethink.

To my surprise, domain name was available. Many agreed that it was a good name, so I purchased it alongside some worry-free hosting from

I’m pleased with myself that I’ve been able to stick with this during lockdown and the sort of pseudo-lockdown life one gets from having an office job and thereby continuing to work from home. The website’s stats aren’t particularly impressive, but here they are anyway:

  • 237 unique visitors
  • 50 posts (as of today)

I also tracked all the shows that I started watching since the start of this year. I have written reviews for basically all of them, although the ones in January and February are mostly confined to my two-sentence ‘Spring Clean’ summary posts. In total, the stats are:

  • 50 TV seasons
  • 18 films (including 4 stand-up specials)

So on average I’ve watched 2 pieces of content (a full season or a movie) each week.

People tell me that’s quite a lot.

With 18(ish) weeks left in the year, that means I ought to watch another 36 pieces of content by the end of 2020. I’d better get cracking, then!