What I thought about: Paradise PD (Season 2)

Kinda like Family Guy but it’s about incompetent police and there’s way, way more toilet humour and graphic animation. This show isn’t for everyone, and to be honest, most of the time it genuinely isn’t funny

Whatever you’re thinking, the answer is yes

What’s it about?
Should I even be answering this question? The show is barely coherent. It’s loosely based around an incompetent police department who are battling a drug crisis.

Every character is horrible in some way. The chief is highly strung, the best person at being a police officer is sexually obsessed with a comically obese colleague, the police dog is a drug addict, an OAP cop who can’t retire as they can’t afford his pension is a massive pervert, and the chief’s son gets into a relationship with a car.

Oh yeah, see how I just snuck that last part in there? Yeah that’s probably not even the worst thing that happens in the show. Not even close.

There is a little plot development as the team try their hardest to uncover the ‘Kingpin’ who is in charge of producing and selling the local Argyle Meth. But otherwise, it’s just a slapstick, very dirty gag cartoon show.

What do I like about it?
Alright, some things are funny. The animation is also well done, and there are some good pop culture references. The show’s second season is a technical improvement on the first, even if…

What do I not like about it?
…the writing is definitely worse. I could just be forgetting the first season, which I saw over a year ago, but my god is this show crass. You have to have a certain sense of humour to even watch the show, and then I can’t really bring up any specific part I liked because it’s just so forgettable.

Worth a watch?
Not unless you like South Park and don’t mind seeing some very messed up cartoon animation. When I say the OAP cop is perverted, I really mean it.

By the way…

  • The show is seen as the spiritual successor to Brickleberry, another cartoon produced by the same people but with a park ranger setting.
  • There are two fewer episodes in Season 2. It’s probably for the best.