Recapping 2020 on the binge

I’ll skip the ‘what a year it’s been’ comments as you’re no doubt tired of them. Instead, let’s get straight into the stats of my little side project and see how we did this year.

The geographic spread of this blog, most of which is from bot accounts, I’m sure.

How much stuff did you watch this year?
69 TV seasons and 31 movies/stand-up specials, which is exactly 100 ‘pieces of TV & Film content’. Not bad, and it makes for an average of almost 2 pieces of content per week.

How many posts did you write?
Including this one – the binge is home to 75 posts.

Why haven’t you written 100 posts then?
Some of my posts are round-ups where I write about a few pieces of content in a single post. For other times, I just lost the steam necessary to write about them, and in some cases I didn’t think they would make a worthwhile post.

So what didn’t make the cut?
In the interests of transparency or something, here’s a few words on each piece of content I watched but didn’t write about:

Terrace House Tokyo Part 2: I used to watch this on the commute into work, so with the lockdown I just…stopped. Probably for the best, as I was saddened to hear of the death of one of the contestant.

Indian Matchmaking: Actually quite a good show about arranged-ish marriages, mostly featuring a Mumbai-based matchmaker who pairs up predominantly wealthy clients with each other.

The Boys (Seasons 1-2): A high-budget anti-superhero series, Season 1 had me absolutely hyped but, sadly, I did find Season 2 rather lacking. I’ll still be keeping my eye out for more from this universe though!

The Matrix (1 & 2): Everyone knows what this is already.

How to get ahead in advertising: A rather old film about a stressed ad man who grows a boil that eventually takes over his life. It’s weird.

Ninja Assassin: Really good CGI-blood violence with virtually no plot.

Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning: A decent special by an up and coming lesbian comic.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis: Perfectly targeted stand-up for my generation.

Feels Good Man: Documentary into the history of Pepe the Frog, a happy cartoon frog taken over by the alt-right.

Official Secrets: I was shellshocked to find out that this was an entirely true story (even if some of it is a bit dramatised). We should never have gone to war in Iraq.

What next for the binge?
Honestly, I don’t know. I noticed I slowed down my intake of Netflix towards the end of the year as work became busier and I spent more of my free time gaming (particularly Valorant, which I really enjoy). I’m honestly a little impressed with myself that I managed to stick with it throughout the year, releasing a couple of posts a week. I don’t really advertise the blog and most of the viewers are bots (if you’re a bot reading this, no I will not read your blog!)

I think overall it’s been a good project to practice writing a bit and adding a little bit of meaning to my Netflix addiction. So, we’ll see!


The 50th post on the binge

I started this little blog in the first week that the UK went into lockdown due to COVID-19. In the weeks before, I had purchased a new TV and was in the process of buying a sound system to go with it. Settling down to watch some Netflix one night, the following occurred to me:

  • I spent a lot on this TV so I ought to use it by watching Netflix.
  • I’m going to have even less of a social life during lockdown which probably means even more Netflix.
  • Is it healthy to watch this much Netflix?
  • Maybe I should only watch something if I’m prepared to write a review about it later, you know, for the practice?

So I did it. It used to be called 500w Thoughts after the word count that I strive to hit with each fully structured review, but almost everyone I sent the link to didn’t get it, and thought I was referring to Watts, the measure of power. It was time for a rethink.

To my surprise, domain name was available. Many agreed that it was a good name, so I purchased it alongside some worry-free hosting from

I’m pleased with myself that I’ve been able to stick with this during lockdown and the sort of pseudo-lockdown life one gets from having an office job and thereby continuing to work from home. The website’s stats aren’t particularly impressive, but here they are anyway:

  • 237 unique visitors
  • 50 posts (as of today)

I also tracked all the shows that I started watching since the start of this year. I have written reviews for basically all of them, although the ones in January and February are mostly confined to my two-sentence ‘Spring Clean’ summary posts. In total, the stats are:

  • 50 TV seasons
  • 18 films (including 4 stand-up specials)

So on average I’ve watched 2 pieces of content (a full season or a movie) each week.

People tell me that’s quite a lot.

With 18(ish) weeks left in the year, that means I ought to watch another 36 pieces of content by the end of 2020. I’d better get cracking, then!